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We have been handcrafting corsets for many years.
We focus on lace-up corsets rather than corsages, as these can only be worn but not really laced.
A corset serves both purposes. You can wear it “just” as a corsage and simply lace it a little or,
 if you want to reduce your waistline, you can lace it up tightly and enjoy all the benefits of a lace-up corset.
So we give you both options, either you use it as a corsage or as a corset!

You benefit from our many years of experience and development know-how when it comes to achieving the perfect hourglass figure.
This style of corset really accentuates your feminine curves, bulges disappear and the whole effect is compounded by waist reduction.

The effect is completely irrespective of size. A pretty woman can be attractive and feminine regardless of whether she is a size 12 or 30.
We tailor corsets in a variety of standard sizes, mostly from sizes 8 to 30.

In addition to the standard sizes, we also offer tailor-made items, one-off designs, and concepts based on a picture may even be possible upon request.
We are a tailor, not a factory!
Our shop is a haven of all kinds of corsets, from overbust, half bust, underbust and waist corsets to the brand new waspie.

As mentioned above, they can also be used as overbust, half bust, underbust and waist corsages.
A full range of colours is available in the different lengths and styles, such as the overbust corset in black, white, red, blue, beige, ivory, pink, etc.
Choose from various materials, such as an underbust corset in satin, waist corset in leather, waspie in crush material or patent; of course the other styles are also available in a range of materials.
Each of our corsets consists of at least three layers: the outer fabric, a binding layer and the lining made of cotton.

This sturdy combination ensures the corsets are very stable and the lining, always made of cotton, is very skin-friendly.
Take advantage of our corset-making experience and enjoy first-rate quality at outlet prices!

Have fun browsing our collection and if you have questions or need advice, please contact us, we are happy to help.

The Corset Tailor